1987 Weiyu Machinery Sheet-Metal Factory founded
1988 CNC equipment was in the trend in Taiwan, our company has developed various patented retractable protecting cover for lead screw, which were supplied for domestic big machinery factories.
1989 Introduced from Japan CNC metalworking machinery for CNC production, exchanged administration system of the company and established Weiyu Machinery Sheet-Metal Industry Co., LTD
1990 Joined in the Government procession for self-creation of own brand's product, for the development of products with own brand and the product series of Yingelan kitchenware.
1991 Development of smoke exhaust, gas stove, heater & relevant products successively, came into the market successfully. And got several patents.
1992 Oriented itself to market situation and imported from Germany FMC process automation equipment, established an overall computerized system for the whole factory, established additional subsidiary companies .
1993 Established the second plant of Wei Yu , joint ventured with Japan Inamoto Manufacturing co.Ltd. for the manufacture and sales business of washing machine.
1995 Developed successfully the CPU computerized dryer for both industrial and commercial purpose.
1997 Imported machinery production equipments of Maru Co. from Japan, and to act as agent for the sales business of Maru Co. in Taiwan, which resulted to the establishment of Weichin Co., Ltd.
1998 For marketing needs to introduce German trumpf fms sheet metal fagricating , automatic facilities ; to introduce 3-point high technological press brake to increase production . biological washer available in the market.
1999 Washing machine has been successfully entered south Asia and mainland China .
2000 Air bubble style dry cleaner has been developed successfully :35kg medium washer available in the market spray style with humidity controlled dryer has been developed and obtained variety of patents .
2001 Dual-functions drier for wet washer and dry cleaner can reach over 98% retrieve , and obtained industrial development bureau certification there are many high speed models of telescoper for customers needs has been developed , and the moving speed can be over 150m/min.
2003 ISO management , certifications and many rational management had been improved, and got CE certification.
2005 Kunshan Weiyu Manufactured PFX Series Dryer for Inamoto Manufacturing co.Ltd. based on OEM. Taiwan Weiyu manufactured and sold 50KG washer.
2006 The taiwan agency for Inamoto Manufacturing co.Ltd. products was transferred to Weiyu, and set up office in Taiwan. Inamoto Manufacturing co.Ltd. Has staff staying in taiwan for helping sales.
2007 The Kunshan factory manufactured and sold 100kg water washer and dryer. Manufacturing plant was expanded. Set up kunshan yingelan commercial laundry eqipments co., LTD. For agency of other clothes washing equipment. Started yingelan clothes washing chain-store business.

Kunshan Yingelan Commercial Laundry Equipments Co., Ltd becomes the 5th session member council of the China Light Industry Machinery Association Laundry Equipments Branch on year 2009.


Kunshan Weiyu Metal Production Co., Ltd. achieves two patents for utility models on both industrial dryer and industrial washer, and has the honor to get the high-tech products which is proved by Science and Technology Department in Jiangsu Province on year 2010.
Takes part in Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd/YCM M-TEAM Dual Core program, promoting 3D design software,the requirements of the industry and customers.


Kunshan Weiyu Metal Production Co., Ltd. achieves patent for appearance design on industrial dryer and the patent for utility models on industrial laundry washing automatic equipments on year 2011.


Kunshan Weiyu Metal Production Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system authentication and gains CE certificate on year 2012.
Taiwan Weiyu makes its cover-lift hide appear on the market successfully which is originated and developed by them.

Taiwan Weiyu makes Agile Manufacturing Washing System (AMS) appear in Taiwan successfully and on the market successfully too.
2013 Kunshan Yingelan Commercial Laundry Equipments Co.,Ltd developed ENA series fast dryer and connect to world famous brand CBW which is very successful, well in selling.
2014 Kunshan Yingelan Commercial Laundry Equipments Co.,Ltd sells automatic washer extractor and its automatic dryer win China General Chamber of Commerce Laundry Business Committee authorized “trustworthy product”.